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Huisie by die see!

The West Coast is currently a property hotspot in South Africa. We have asked some of the local property gurus a few key questions to help you make an informed decision when buying a property in the West Coast.

Question 1

Is the property investment game different on the West Coast than in the rest of the country and does it differ from town to town?

Pieter Wagner: Harcourts West Coast

A: The West Coast investment game does differ from the rest of the country when considering occupancy connected to holidaymakers who flock to the West coast annually, the area offers extra peak seasons other areas do not offer. We experience a higher influx of visitors during flower season as well as wind surfers and kite surfers from all over the world flocking here to enjoy watersports on the Lagoon. We have also experienced an above average spike in property prices and capital growth due to the recent demand from buyers looking to relocate here on a more permanent basis.

Melanie van Reenen: We Trade Property

A: Yes, the West Coast is most certainly a slower market than the cities. The towns are also very different, some more focused on the upmarket holiday home buyers, while others focus on the “retire-in-peace-and-quiet” market segment.

Question 2

The first time buyer is always nervous in taking the step into property ownership, what advise can you give first time buyers to make this process less daunting to them? What areas should be looked at for these buyers?

Pieter Wagner: Harcourts West Coast

A: We have seen many first time home buyers investing on the West Coast in the last two years, investing in the abundance of new developments the whole West Coast region offers, that being said I’d say the St Helena Bay property market has experienced the biggest spike in first time buyers due to affordability and low prices still being offered to prospective buyers looking to relocate to the West Coast.

The best advise I’d give first time buyers is to stick to well-known international property brands when buying the perfect property, companies like Harcourts (established in 1888) have a accountability partner in the way of a franchisor that is dedicated to growing and fostering our agents and our businesses, ensuring their best success by providing them with world-class training, systems and resources. Always make sure that you are dealing with an experienced agent that is registered with the property practitioners counsel to guide you through the process of buying property.

Melanie van Reenen: We Trade Property

A: Find an agent you trust, one who’ll take this journey at your side from first viewing to final registration and occupation. Above all, find an agent who doesn’t sugar-coat, one who calls a spade a spade and helps you prepare for any pitfalls.

Question 3

According to Lightstone data the West Coast residential property market recorded its best year in 2021 since 2015, why would say more and more people are moving to the West Coast?

Pieter Wagner: Harcourts West Coast

A: The West Coast Life style offers lower crime rates than the rest of the country, better municipal service than most of the country, and a more peaceful way of life. People from all over the country are moving into the West Coast for a better life for themselves and their children, due to Covid 19 related effects more and more people can work remotely and the West Coast offers everything you’d need for a more peaceful life whilst having all the necessary amenities that you’d be used compared to city life, minus the noise pollution and rush hour traffic every day.

Melanie van Reenen: We Trade Property

A: While a substantial number of our buyers work from home, we find that the majority are early retirees wishing to get out of the city. This could be any small town in the country, although here we have a local community culture of caring and paying it forward, and our new neighbours love this culture and look forward to making it their own.

Bonus Question:

Where is your secret or favourite place to visit on the West Coast?

Pieter Wagner: Harcourts West Coast

A: My favorite place to visit on the west coast would definitely be Kraalbaai in the West Coast nature reserve.

Melanie van Reenen: We Trade Property

A: I absolutely love taking a drive through the West Coast National Park. This is where I charge my battery after a hectic day, and where I bring all our visitors too.