Small Town Hero

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Article by: Tian Van Taak

In a small town and community the smaller actions of the people around us can really change someone’s life. People move to a town like Langebaan to find hope but also to find a sense of community.

My neighbor (Louise) has displayed the simplest act of kindness toward a fellow member of this town that has made a huge difference in their life. This was not an act that was asked for or handout out of guilt. This is a heroic act of an ordinary person that stopped to help someone and asked for nothing in return.

This story has more than one hero though, I can easily say that Francisca Syze the recipient is a hero. She is a vibrant energetic student that has dreams of making a change in communities and going into politics. This is a story of her father and mother who have planted roots in our community found work and embrace the opportunities life gives them.
This is the story of her brother who wants to be a pilot. This story has many sides, but it started with one person paying it forward, without something in return or even recognition.

In 2022 one person in Langebaan changed the life of one girl by giving her a bicycle and some independence and security. The hope is that these acts are the things that build a community and are the groundwork for a more tolerant and caring environment.

I first listened to her telling me her concern about the girl she saw every morning as she is driving to the bus stop to drop Lucia who she is taking care of. These sightings were early in the morning in the dark at times and the figure in question was Francisca Syze a Grade 12 student in Vredenburg. She had to walk from her home every day to catch her bus more than 3 kilometers away no matter whether rain or shine she had to do it. Her parents could not drive her, and they had no means of other transport. This led my neighbor Louise to make a split decision that in turn now changed the life of a whole family.

When I asked Louise why she helped Francisca she answered easily, “ I was there I saw her I helped …and could see the difference it could make for her.”

I am happy I live in a town where people care and that small gestures of kindness still mean something
…small-town heroes beat Spiderman any day!

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